Call for Submissions – Winter Light Exhibition

July 26, 2017


 Ontario Place is seeking proposals from Ontario residents for illuminated sculptures that project light, shape light, transmit light, reflect light and/or contain light. Applicants are encouraged to explore and combine unconventional materials and methods that respond to light in different ways, ensuring the piece is visually successful during the day and night in our outdoor winter environment. The Winter Light Exhibition will celebrate the innovative and creative legacy of Ontario Place through the successful proposals received from across Ontario. Proposals will be considered for the Winter Light Exhibition that will run from December 2017 to March 2018 throughout the 15-acre West Island, Ontario Place; located at 955 Lakeshore Blvd, Toronto, ON. This exhibition will generate and continue to build both interest, and awareness, of Ontario Place as a free public space.

Curatorial Theme – Winter Light: Throughout the winter season, Ontario Place is a landscape of brisk wind, extreme temperature and intricate ice sculptures crafted by Mother Nature herself. Utilizing creativity, innovation, light and discovery, reators from all artistic streams are invited to submit new or pre-existing pieces that meet the curatorial theme and keywords. Evaluations will be made based on artistic merit, experience, viability and consistency with the curatorial theme.

Keywords: Winter, Innovation, Ontario, Light, Design, Resilient, Future, Culture, Discovery

Project Timeline
Submission Period Start:    July 14, 2017, 12:01AM EST
Submission Period End:     September 5, 2017 at Midnight EST

Interview Period                 September 11, 2017 to 15 September 2017

Awarded by:                       September 22, 2017
Installation Timeline           November 2017 (exact installation dates will be assigned)
Exhibit Dates:                     December to March, 2018

Applicants are invited to visit the site from July 19 to September 4, Schedule your visit at Photos will be provided for those who cannot make it to the site during the submission process.

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