Music in Trillium Park | Sashar Zarif’s “When The Heart Opens”

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A multi-disciplinary performing arts piece takes over the Trillium Park grass for a examining the notion of place and home. Innovative cello arrangements by VC2 bookend this piece.

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3:00-3:45pm Sashar Zarif Dance Theatre
“All I want to do is to brush two harsh surfaces against each other to create a peaceful melody, a cleansing ritual from a halo of dust particles no one needs anymore.” From My Life Memoire by Sashar Zarif

When The Heart Opens is a mystical journey portraying man’s spiritual ascent through body, mind and emotions. Informed by Sufi and Shamanic practices of Central and Western Asia, it is an innovative investigation of Mugham, a devotional integrated practice of poetry, music and dance, in a contemporary context which facilitates an encounter between remembering, perceiving, and imagining in time and space.

Choreography and Music Composition: Sashar Zarif Dance Theatre

Vocal Coach: Katherine Duncanson

Performers: Mateo Galindo Torres, Brodie Stevenson, and Sashar Zarif.

Costume and Set: Sashar Zarif

2:00-2:45pm and 4:15-5:00pm VC2
VC2 is an innovative cello duo able to captivate audiences through their performances of classical masterworks, unknown gems and boundary pushing music.


1:00 – 6:00pm Food & Beverage including Licensed Bar

  • Beer (Rickards Red, Creemore, Mill St., Coors Lite)
  • Coolers (Cottage Sprints Peach, Cottage Springs Lemon Lime)
  • Cider (Brickworks Batch)
  • Wine (Henry of Pelham – Red, Henry of Pelham – White)


This event is FREE!

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Date: Sunday August 19, 2018


955 Lakeshore Blvd West
Toronto, Ontario M6K 3B9 Canada