Winter at Ontario Place: March Break

Event Details

The West Island of Ontario Place is Toronto’s new destination for all your favorite winter activities. Take a stroll through the West Island to experience our beautiful winter setting and enjoy activities and attractions along the way.

Admission is free!

Dress Warm
We encourage all of our guests visiting Ontario Place during the winter months to dress warm, as the waterfront can experience lower temperatures and higher winds at various times. We host a bonfire and offer indoor areas and concessions with warm food and beverages during our open hours.

Hours of Operation

Winter Light Exhibition:

Open daily from sunset until midnight

Skate rentals:

Friday March 9: 6pm – 11pm
Saturday March 10: 10am – 11pm
Sunday March 11: 10am – 11pm
Monday March 12: 10am – 11pm
Tuesday March 13: 10am – 11pm
Wednesday March 14: 10am – 11pm
Thursday March 15: 10am – 11pm
Friday March 16: 10am – 11pm
Saturday March 17: 10am – 11pm
Sunday March 18: 10am – 8pm


Friday March 9: 6pm – 11pm
Saturday March 10: 6pm – 11pm
Sunday March 11: 6pm – 11pm
Monday March 12: 6pm – 11pm
Tuesday March 13: 6pm – 11pm
Wednesday March 14: 6pm – 11pm
Thursday March 15: 6pm – 11pm
Friday March 16: 6pm – 11pm
Saturday March 17: 6pm – 11pm
Sunday March 18: 4pm – 8pm

Visit our website for details:

Event Dates

Date: Friday March 9, 2018


955 Lake Shore Blvd W
Toronto, Ontario M6K 3B9 Canada