A Long Story III

A moment suspended, illuminating the inherent interconnectedness—between human and human, and to our shared environment—and at the same time, our yearning for connection to both. A Long Story III is interested in how our relationships to each other and to the natural world—and our willingness to confront our shadows, individually and collectively—can lead to growth and healing. Loyal to the natural and the supernatural, with human nature at the centre, everything here is connected and intertwined. Coiling shapes softly reference serpents, which are often perceived as evil, but hold ties to the Earth Mother, creative energy, water, and the underworld and meld fully here with fantastical anatomies. The pillowy forms wrap around the frame of the entrance-way bridge to creating a cocoon-like passage.

A cocoon signifies comfort and transformation and correlates to the themes of healing, growth, and connection to nature. The structure of the bridge is itself a great symbol of transition and relationship between human and nature; providing passage for visitors and spanning the water below. With the bridge as its frame, the sculpture interacts with the man-made architecture of Ontario Place in a natural setting. At dusk, the piece illuminates from within, bathing visitors in a glow as they cross the bridge and enter Winter Lights—a fitting welcome to enter this dreamy world through an illuminated cocoon-like passage.

A Long Story III is a site-specific installation, fabricated with weather-proof fabric, polyester stuffing, sculpture wire, and LED lights, responding to the environment and structure of the entrance-way bridge.


Visitors are encouraged to interact with the sculpture by squeezing the index finger of the extended hand to prompt a colour change — the human interaction signals a shift in the light from cool to warm spectrum.

With thanks to fabrication partners Karin de Wolfe and Julia Appugliesi, and interactive partners, The New Beat


  • Lauren Pirie

    Lauren Pirie is a multidisciplinary artist, art director, and curator with an interest in environment, immersive experience, and socially-engaged art. She’s curated collaborative art experiences, intimate gallery shows, and large community events, including recent exhibits at PRIDE and MOCA Toronto. She was a co-founder of grass-roots art and environmental organization The About Face Collective and has worked with organizations like Sketch, Centre for Social Innovation, Skate4Cancer, and DDBX Community Projects. Lauren recently spoke at TEDxYouth on the subject of art and its power as a tool for inward reflection and outward connection—subjects that often show up in her personal practice. Her work includes a range of media and scale, from delicate, intricate ink drawings to large-scale murals, as well as painting sculpture, and installation. Her current practice explores environment in relation to connection, desire and healing, both as themes in her own artwork, and while collaborating with and supporting other artists.