Aqualith is an interactive installation in which concrete and coloured lights mimic the natural process of icy water carving its way through stone. Sitting against a steep cliff that shields it from the winds, the sculpture makes for a mysterious presence on the wintery West Island. Upon contact with bare skin, a waterfall of glittering white, blue and purple light pours from the handprint in a dazzling pattern before twinkling gently away. Aqualith invites the viewer to engage with nature’s many contrasts — water and stone, darkness and light, harshness and beauty — in a playful, tactile way.

Let the light pour from your fingertips! To interact with Aqualith, reach out and touch the handprint with your bare skin.

The team behind Aqualith consists of three Toronto-based media artists collectively working in the fields of electronics, makerspaces, videogames, interactive installations, and creating playful realms where technology and imagination collide.


  • Alex Leitch

    Alex Leitch is a consultant and interactive-weird-future-things-maker who writes criticism about contemporary art and technology in her spare time.

  • Sagan Yee

    Sagan Yee is an experimental game designer and executive director of the Hand Eye Society, a non-profit organization dedicated to supporting videogames as a form of creative expression.

  • Alenn Predko

    Alenn Predko is an illustrator, fabricator, and play architect whose carnivalesque works create deep and immersive worlds to be explored.