Earth Resist

The planet is changing and mother nature has begun to defend herself. Piercing through the land, these shapes grow as a response to the increasing industrialization of green space. The light within pulses outward towards infinity. Photons cut across the landscape illuminating cerebral pathways of a brighter future. We get a glimpse of a dystopian near future where nature fights back. An unknown organism from deep within the planets core has emerged. Impervious to the fierce winter winds this array of deep Earth barbs stand firm in the brutal climate. Resilient to the harshest conditions these thorns illuminate the dark winter landscape guiding you towards the light. We realize we can embody the strength these thorns show us. Fierce and radiant they shine through the night. In darkness we must shine.


  • Ryan Longo

    Ryan is a metal sculpture artist based in Toronto. His process starts by playing with the relationship between nature, technology, life-style and consciousness. Longo mixes an industrial aesthetic with natural shapes to create a contrasting relationship between multiple components of his life. Longo started making installation art in Toronto’s underground electronic music community while working in Toronto’s film and television industry. Since creating the sculpture known as Reactor he has cofounded the Apocalypse metal studio in Etobicoke.

  • Shan Honoridaz

    Shan is a veteran welder and Toronto resident. He teaches a regular welding workshop at Site 3 Colabratory for arts and technology as community is a central element of Shans journey through the metal arts. Shan is alwaay the first one to take the time to empower another with his encyclopedia of skills and wisdom. Shan resides at the Apocalypse Metal works building metal art with Ryan Longo since they met at Site 3.

  • Lee Wilkins

    Lee is a Maker, cyborg, and educator currently based in Toronto. She has a bachelors from Concordia University, a masters from OCAD University, and currently is a PhD student at the University of Toronto. Wilkins builds large scale interactive and immersive spaces, cybernetic experiments, lasers and makes LEDs blink. She is currently chair of Site 3 coLaboratory.