Eye and Mind

What if we could build a respite where we could protect ourselves, but still have to ability to come and go as needed? Eye and Mind is a semi sheltered alcove that protects against the winds of the open grounds of Ontario Place while remaining open; sharing the light it has to offer.


  • P.A.Pax

    Philip Aaron Pax is a self taught light artist and electrical worker. Growing up and studying in the trades has given Phil an understanding of labor and materials, while sparking curiosity around how light plays into all environments. This awareness, as well as his journey around emotional and mental health in the trades, motivated him to start exploring site specific installations that connect people to their inner selves and to place. Pax uses a combination of found and purchased light sources. The materials he uses depend upon the project’s demands. (LED and assorted bulbs, gels, acrylics, metal, wood, concrete and paint.) Some works are objects and some are environments. All projects serve to evoke community, connection, and a social spirit.