Fracture explores the continually evolving patterns found within the freezing cycle of water while also mimicking the designs found within the built urban landscape such as one witnesses as they fly over any city by night. The urban landscape like crystallized water builds on the seed of earlier forms, be they streams, pathways, railways or the transit system. These network connecting goods and people.Fracture consists of an assemblage of illuminated channeling laid into the ground, imitating the crystallization patterns found in the formation of ice. The light patterns of the piece are preprogrammed. The various programmed patterns reference the cracking of ice, the pulse of the city or may reflect the anxiety that one feels while walking on cracking ice.

Please walk normally on the piece or stand to the side to observe. It will not respond to jumping or stomping on the surface.


  • Robert Hengeveld

    Robert Hengeveld and Marcia Huyer are both installation artists who work in a variety of materials, methods, and spaces. Hengeveld and Huyer co-direct Silver Platter Contemporary Art Projects; art located on the roof of a home in Toronto. They have worked collaboratively on several projects and participated in a residency at Struts Gallery (Sackville, NB). Their collaborative work explores their interests in site-specific installations, art in public spaces, and the contradicting relationship to the natural environment.

  • Marcia Huyer