From Home to Anywhere

Every journey begins with a starting point. It is with the nurturing support of our home, our cocoon, that we can then excel and reach our fullest potential. From Home to Anywhere is an Art Installation that invites passers-by to step up to it and experience the cocoon for themselves, serving as a reminder that while our world is a big place, home begins with where you are.

Upon entering a nest, participants will be surrounded by birds fluttering overhead and invited to project their hopes and desires onto the birds flying above them, taking a moment to imagine how they would feel if they too could fly.

From Home to Anywhere encourages human interactions that are designed to inspire connection and to evoke the sentiment of possibility and hope. This body of work is particularly relevant today where we are displaced from our realities and caught up in our daily routines. Where our relentless pursuit of ‘success’ comes at the expense of forgotten aspirations and dreams. This Installation grounds participants in the current moment, giving them an escape from the chaos to rekindle and reimagine possibilities. The act of simply looking at these birds is a prompt for mindful reflection and presence.

Participants are encouraged to take a moment to reflect on possibilities and share their visions with the world using #fromhometoanywhere.


Amit and Kanika collaboratively realize Installations that push the boundaries of their individual practices.They intend for all collaborations to embody themes of hope and unity.

This installation is produced in collaboration with Kelly Robinson and Navnith Ravindran.


  • Amit Kehar

    Amit Kehar is a cinematographer and motion director that uses light as his language to tell the stories that haven’t been told. His practice is dedicated to the art of capturing and creating emotion to bring others into worlds that capture the reality of environments they otherwise wouldn’t experience. All of Amit’s work embodies a holistic approach to inclusiveness, where he tries to place himself in the shoes of others in order to capture their stories.

  • Kanika Gupta

    Kanika Gupta is a visual artist and graphic storyteller who uses art as her language to break invisible barriers. Through multi-modal and sensory based work, Kanika is passionate about engaging public audiences with art in ways that are meaningful and inclusive to them. She collaborates with cultural institutions and organizations to make their practices and physical environments more inclusive through breaking both physical and invisible barriers to access. Kanika is the author of BRAVE.