Geodesic Mimicry

Disrupting the notion of landscape, our proposal reconsiders users’ experiences as they stroll through the Ontario Place grounds. Paths in the park are lined with a host of landscapes: artificial slopes and wooded areas built on landfill, geometric buildings which refer to a mountainous topography, and fibreglass rock formations. Juxtaposed on these views are the buildings and Cinesphere which are elevated above the harbour. They are a modern artifice driven by strict geometry in bright white. At its most iconic, the Cinesphere is wrapped in a geodesic skin dotted with lights at each node that twinkle from afar. This is the image we conjure when we think of Ontario Place.

The experience of walking a winter landscape can be disorienting. Defining lines and landmarks are obscured by snow, rain, and a horizon line that blends with lake ice and grey skies. In this context, the forms of trees and the park’s artificial rock faces are a reference we want to bring into question: what is natural on this path?

Illuminating the ‘rock’ faces and adding twinkling lights reference the Cinesphere. Geodesic Mimicry adopts the language of the Cinesphere’s geodesic skin. All together, the linked lights trace the edge of an artificial landscape, subverting the founding principles of the site.


  • Kilogram Studio

    Kilogram is a Toronto-based studio founded by architect Kfir Gluzberg. Looking at design and its effect at multiple scales is the studio’s focus. Projects range from furniture design to building construction and acknowledge the impact of design on the City as well as the individual. A kilogram is the constant reminder of the impact design has on the built environment. Kilogram Studio has been named an Emerging Talent by Canadian Architect, and listed as one of 30 Canadian Interior Design Studios making their mark at Canada’s 150.Geodesic Mimicry was designed by Jaimie Howard, Leah Kim, and Kfir Gluzberg. Kfir Gluzberg is currently a part-time lecturer at Ryerson School of Interior Design and curator at IDS Contract.