Iridescent Towers

“Iridescent Towers” consists of eight rectangular prism towers covered in light sensitive iridescent foil. The layout of the towers invites visitors to explore and engage with the work from afar, as they walk past, or up close as they can enter into the center of the arrangement to experience the sculpture at 360 degrees. The iridescent material reacts to both natural and artificial light.

Dependent upon on how much, and from which angle the light touches the towers, spectrums of colour dance across the many surfaces of the sculpture as the viewer or light moves past. The artwork is constantly changing with the movement of light, as well as with each step the viewer takes, making the artwork totally unique from all vantage points and at all times of day and night. “Iridescent Towers” disrupts the natural white/grey winter landscape with vibrant dancing colours created by light and movement, and is representative of possibility and progress.


  • Nate Nettleton

    Nate is a conceptual sculptural artist living and working in Ottawa, Ontario. His art practice explores and constructs abstract physical representations of empowerment, personal & societal progress, and possibility. Nate's artworks have been exhibited in Toronto, Ottawa, & Montreal, he has created public sculptural works shown in Manitoulin Island, Ottawa, Victoria B.C. & at the Drake Devonshire in Prince Edward County, his works have been featured in Canadian and American art publications, and he is represented by Wallspace Gallery in Ottawa.