Obscura is an interactive installation that explores the contrast between light vs. darkness using two/three-dimensional geometry. The Human eye is unable to distinguish two/three-dimensional space in darkness. Obscura plays on this shortcoming by introducing an installation that makes use of the darkness at night to reveal a three-dimensional creation of space, while in the daytime, two-dimensional space is created.

As visitors look through the front triangle of the first iteration, a series of twirling forms will create the illusion of seamlessly flowing from one frame to another. Visitors can proceed to travel in-between each of the frames to discover how simple geometry in combination with darkness and light can define and create a new dichotomy to experience and understand space.


  • John Nguyen

    John Nguyen, Stephen Baik, Anton Skorishchenko, and Robert Lee are based out of Toronto, Ontario. They met while pursuing their Master of Architecture degrees at the University of Toronto. The team is interested in exploring design conceptualization research, digital fabrication, material prototyping, and visualization processes that are outside conventional academic teachings.

  • Stephen Baik
  • Anton Skorishchenko
  • Robert Lee