Passage is an invitation to walk through the stages of life, death and rebirth. Metallic structures converge to create an illuminated tunnel.
As the journey advances, it becomes more challenging to move through. Passage rewards travellers who persist with a show of light. Finally, the structure reopens to the outside world.
Please travel gently, you may use the metal components for support but the cables are fragile!
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Gathering is a Toronto-based collective founded in 2019 by Aaron Wong-Ellis, Anthony Furia, Hugo Flammin, Isaac Strang, Kevin Meric and Nuff. Drawing from diverse backgrounds in design, architecture, photography and programming, Gathering produces new media installations between digital and physical spaces.
Individually and together, Gathering’s work has shown at institutions including the Ontario Science Centre, Museum of Contemporary Art (MOCA) Toronto, Black Cat Showroom and Ontario Place. Members have also contributed to festivals, events and temporary and permanent public art.
The practice gravitates particularly towards public work for its accessibility and power to interact directly with both its audience and environment.


  • Aaron Wong-Ellis, Anthony Furia, Kevin Meric
  • Isaac Strang
  • Nuff