Meet SHADOK & AYÊ. While distinctive in their shapes and forms, SHADOK & AYÊ very clearly descend from the same “species” group. They inhabit a surprisingly delicate and beautiful concrete universe where they interact with each other, as if in conversation, by “staring” at each other with their spotlights. The way they face each other is meant to “bring to light” and simulate the sorts of discussions we seem to no longer be willing to engage in in a world as polarized as ours.

We invite you, the viewer, to imagine the sort of conversations these specimens might be having and the ones you are perhaps avoiding in your own life.


  • Hanae Baruchel

    Hanae spent the first 10 years of her career dedicating herself to social innovation, occupying leadership positions in organizations at the top of her field. In 2016 she unexpectedly found herself entering the world of furniture design after a brain injury forced her to stop everything she was doing. The design process and incessant tinkering brought so much joy and creativity into her life that she knew she had to pursue furniture making as her new career. Hanae founded LALAYA Design in 2017 and her furniture has been sold in Canada, France, Spain, the Netherlands, the U.S. and India. LALAYA Design exhibited at Toronto's Interior Design Show in 2018 and won the prestigious Best of Launch Pad award for its lighting collection at Wanted Design 2018 in New York City. The studio's work has been featured in Design Milk, FASHION Magazine, AZURE Magazine and Designlines Magazine, among others.