The Faraway Nearby

Situated along the walking path on the southern point of Ontario Place, The Faraway Nearby is an installation that emphasizes the horizon line of Lake Ontario. Unobstructed from any landmass on the periphery, this area is a natural lookout point and a frequent stop for visitors. Light towers are placed in the open clearing of asphalt, encouraging visitors to pass through these sculptures as they continue along the path. During the day, the semi-translucent rectangular prisms are camouflaged by the sky, while the concrete mimics the asphalt and rocky shore on which it stands, unifying with the space. At certain vantage points, the tops of the concrete bases align with the horizon line in the distance, harmonizing the foreground with the background view. At night, when the dark waters merge with the darkness of the winter sky, the light of the sculpture defines the horizon line, bringing the boundless distance into close proximity.

Production assistant: Mathew Felix


  • Christine Dewancker

    Christine is an artist currently living in Toronto, Canada. Through her work she explores the physical and psychological effects of the spaces we occupy and how the built environment informs our experiences and relationships with each other. Much of her work is site-specific, responding to the environment in which it is situated and is informed by the historical, socio-economic and ecological conditions that produce the places we inhabit. Her projects look to the often-invisible conditions that manifest in our surrounding environments, creating unique experiences that foreground a new understanding between site, context and inhabitant.