The Greenhouse

A greenhouse glows in the dark of winter, rich with greenery and blooming plants, yet simultaneously engulfed by a fire that’s ablaze within. Since their adoption in the early nineteenth century, winter gardens have always represented human’s desire to control natural processes through mediation and scientific means, an attempt to create a utopia under glass.

Today, the term greenhouse is synonymous with global warming and climate change – rising temperatures, and human’s role in the demise of balance in the natural world. Like the fiberglass mountains around it, this greenhouse is entirely false, an artificial paradise. Using only analog technologies and old stage tricks, The Greenhouse explores the dismantling of nature, and the relationships between real and artifice, natural and man-made.


  • Layne Hinton

    Layne Hinton is a multidisciplinary artist and independent curator based in Toronto. Through analog projection, sculpture, installation, video, drawing, and printmaking, her artwork examines collections of architectural forms, geometric structures, and the way in which line, light, and shadow play with these spaces. Continuing her exploration of space, Layne is a curator for Art Spin, an organization that presents site-specific projects and exhibitions in unique spaces in transition. Alongside her co-curator Rui Pimenta, Layne was Co-Artistic Director of in/future. This 11-day art and music festival animated the 14-acre West Island of Ontario Place with site-specific performance, installation, film screenings and music. Hinton holds a BFA from OCAD University in Integrated Media, with a minor in Printmaking. Hinton's work has been shown in Toronto at the Art Gallery of Ontario; YYZ Artist's Outlet; O'Born Contemporary; InterAccess Electronic and Media Arts Centre and Pleasure Dome; and abroad with WRECK CITY, Calgary; the Lower Gallery at University of Buffalo SUNY; Mono No Aware NYC; L'École des Beaux Arts Paris and the Hermitage Museum, St. Petersburg Russia.