Azerbaijani Dance Toronto

Araz Dance group, founded by Samad Purmusavi, has been active since 2006. It was founded to introduce the folklore dance of Azerbaijan and Caucasus region. We love dancing and we want to share our joy of dance with everyone around us and hope to bring people together with dance and music and to celebrate peace and diversity.
Azerbaijan and the Caucasus region have many different styles of music and dance: Yalli (a circular dance to feel united and strong), Shalaxo (a fast, rhythmical happy dance), Lezginka (a dance representing courageousness in battle), Uzundere (slow dance, usually performed at weddings), etc.
Traditionally, men and women danced very differently with women dancing with slow, tender moves and men with faster rhythms representing courage.
In our group, we break some of the traditional gender roles. We encourage everyone to dance however they like. We usually try to learn both female and male dance as we believe one can have both tenderness and bravery inside them.

Performance date: Sunday July 22 – 3:00pm & 4:00pm
Location: Trillium Park