About Us

About Us

Welcome to Ontario Place

Ontario Place is an agency of the Government of Ontario that features 155 acres of breathtaking waterfront property in Toronto. The iconic location is a venue for activities, live music, festivals, events and more. Re-opened as a beautiful public space, the previously closed Ontario Place left behind its theme park days and blossomed into a park that honours the landscape and brings people of all ages and communities together.

Board Chair

Carmine Nigro was appointed as the Board Chair of Ontario Place Corporation, effective March 4 2022.

On the corporate side, Mr. Nigro is a leading real estate developer and builder based in Toronto as President/CEO and Co-Founder of the Craft Development Corporation. Craft Development has been instrumental in building and enhancing communities for over 35 years. Its expertise is in the development of mix-use commercial, residential, and leasing properties using innovative partnerships and Sustainability as its cornerstone. Focusing on complete communities and urban enhancements Craft has always operated with the highest integrity fostering openness, collaboration, and accountability to the communities it serves.

Mr. Nigro also dedicates his time and attention to a broad and diverse range of corporate and charitable organizations. Since 2019, Mr. Nigro has been the Chair of the Board of Directors for the he Liquor Control Board of Ontario (LCBO). The LCBO is a government enterprise (Crown Corporation) that retails and distributes alcohol. With 6.7 billion in sales, it is one of the world’s largest buyers and retailers of liquor. As Board Chair I have fostered a culture of honesty, respect, and good faith with the view to the best interests of the corporation. All decisions are implemented with care, diligence, and skill. Accountable to Government, the Public and Private Industry the Board provides direct and detailed involvement where required.

In addition to this role, Mr. Nigro has been a Board Member on the Friends of the Orphans of Canada and the Runnymede Healthcare Centre since 2000, an active volunteer with the Children Make a Wish Foundation since 2010 and on Senate of the Canadian Military Regiment since 2021.