Caldher is a Toronto-born Chinese-Canadian singer/songwriter who combines heart-rending lyricism with unique harmonies and captivating melodies. Inspired by musical talents such as Thom Yorke and Phoebe Bridgers, Caldher aims to invoke the melancholy and liminality of life through his songwriting. In his debut EP to be released later this year, Caldher explores elements of loneliness and isolation through the lens of a distraught astronaut who ultimately sends himself to space because of these overbearing emotions. In this four-track project, the astronaut explores the stages of grief caused by his isolation and comes to accept the pain that he is feeling.  Alongside electrifying synth lines and driving guitar parts, Caldher’s wistful singing and lyricism cut through as he narrates personal and engaging life experiences.


Band personnel:

Christopher Chan (vocals)

Aidan Lucas-Buckland (drums)

Devon Goping (bass)

Joshua Stanberry (keys)

Eric Bernhardt (guitar)


Instagram handle: @caldhermusic.