David Moses Band

David Moses Band

David Moses Band

David A. Moses is a singer/songwriter who only ever wanted to sing but started playing guitar and keyboards when he found it was too difficult to explain and exchange original ideas to
other musicians without being able to play.

David’s musical influences range from R&B to musical theatre and theatrical rock. The Beatles, Bowie, Peter Gabriel and selective prog rock bands also influenced David’s musical and
performance ideas.

Ironically, David only started singing after he saw a band perform and a little voice in his head said, “I can swing better than that guy” and that’s how it all began. He then went to a huge
music equipment jam session and singed up to sing the only song he knew and when he left the stage he was approach by one of the best keyboard players around who asked if he
wanted to join a band.

From that first R&B/original band (Gabriel) he auditioned for a prog band in Toronto (Eyes) that needed vocals for their album and got the gig. Eyes could have been signed in LA but the
distribution label would have shelved the record, so the band walked away. David also dabbled with flute, saxophone and harmonic but his main instrument has always been the voice and songwriting.

David studied theatre at York University but after graduation life happened and he got married and was busy raising two kids that put his music on hold. About the same time David started looking into the native culture that he was denied when growing up. That led to applying for a job at CKRZ radio on Six Nations doing news, which allowed him to learn quickly about the community. In fact, it was from that experience that David released his first single “The Monkey Dog” in 2005, which is based on a true story that happened on Six Nations. It was an instant hit in the community and got him a full page write up in the Brantford Expositor and both local Six Nations papers.

With his children now older, David is finding more time to get back into playing and writing. He released an EP in 2020 with producer Chris Birkett and a then a single in 2021 called “Reclamation Blues” another song based on real experiences. The song reached number 17 on the Indigenous Music Countdown in early 2022. David is a status member of the Six Nations of the Grand River Territory of Lenape or Delaware First Nation heritage. He also shares a Welsh background who have been referred to as the First Peoples of Great Britain.

Very recently David returned to his home community of Six Nations to host a new talk radio program “Compelling Conversations” at CKRZ 100.3FM on Six Nations, where he first began
his broadcast career. From 2018 to March of 2022 David was the host of ELMNT FM’s daily talk show “Moment of Truth”. David has also worked as a reporter with APTN and CKCO TV in Kitchener. In addition to David’s TV and radio broadcast career he also Emcee’s, most recently hosting the 2022 Summer TU Jazz Fest on Thursday’s and Sunday’s.

Performing with David for his show on August 27th will be musicians:
Chris Birkett – Guitar, vocals
Wendy Irvine – Keyboards, vocals
Gino Mirizio – Drums
Attila Barazka – Bass