KVJazz Trio (Mohawk College)

KVJazz Trio (Mohawk College)

Since 2017, The KVJazz Trio, has been providing the Golden Horse Shoe with Jazz music, holding strong to the roots of traditional jazz, while incorporating modern day techniques and styles. Comprised of recent Mohawk College graduates Kurtis Vandevrie(Drums), Nick Rhodes(Guitar) Spencer Devolin(Bass). The Trio has plays events including private parties, corporate dinners, weddings, and festivals. Their friendly personalities mixed with their incredible musical skills are known to create exciting yet professional performances, ready to take your event to the next level in every capacity.


  • Kurtis Vandevrie - Drums
    Kurtis Vandevrie - Drums

    Kurtis Vandevrie is a drummer based out of Hamilton, Ontario. Over the past 16 years, Kurtis has studied a variety of drumming styles including Funk, R&B, Jazz, Rock, and Pop. He’s a graduate from Mohawk College’s music program and is currently performing and producing music. Kurtis has worked with many organizations, in order to enhance the music community in his local cities. He has participated in or volunteered with; High School Workshops, the Burlington Student Theatre and Lakemount Worship Centre.

  • Nick Rhodes - Guitar
    Nick Rhodes - Guitar

    Nick Rhodes is a guitarist based in Hamilton. At a young age, he was taught guitar by his father. In his late teens, his passion for jazz and the tradition of jazz, provided an opportunity for him to study at Mohawk College. Having completed his diploma, Nick continues his studies at McMaster University to receive his degree in Guitar performance. He has experience playing in a variety of musical settings from wedding ceremonies, restaurants, prominent city events, and fundraisers. As well as being a featured soloist at the esteemed Toronto and Brantford Jazz festivals!

  • Spencer Devolin - Bass
    Spencer Devolin - Bass

    Spencer Devolin is a bassist based out of Hamilton, Ontario. First starting bass in grade seven he quickly began joining bands and partaking in music events in his hometown of Haliburton, Ontario. Spencer has played in a variety of musical settings including theatre productions, private parties, and stage shows. He’s a graduate of Mohawk Colleges’ music program, Spencer is playing full time music and continues to be an influence to music community around him.