Chroma Interlace

Chroma Interlace

Chroma Interlace

Inspired by the inherent intelligence displayed in nature’s architectural systems, Chroma Interlace mimics nature’s ability to create complex structures using simple elements in a series of installations. The artwork represents growth and connections made of smaller units assembled to form larger and stronger structures, much like how our communities are built by individuals. Chroma Interlace becomes more colourful with the addition of each new unit, like how individuals add diversity to their community.

The audience will observe a series of complex geometric sculptures that invite the viewers to explore them from different angles. During the daytime, the faceted nature of the pieces generates vibrant reflections that dynamically interact with and animate the surrounding spaces in unexpected ways, as the artwork significantly engages with ambient light. The mirror-like reflective surfaces weave light and shadows into the narrative of the work and during the evening hours, the pieces captivate the audience by glowing in vivid colours.


  • Asli Alin
    Asli Alin

    Asli Alin is a dynamic visual artist based in Toronto whose creative explorations span a multitude of disciplines, including painting and installation. She holds a bachelor’s degree in landscape architecture, which brings a unique perspective to her approach to materials and forms. Her work has been shown in major art events and festivals throughout Ontario, including Nuit Blanche, Supercrawl, Lumen and DesignTO. In addition to her sculptural work, Asli is frequently commissioned by municipalities and corporations to create murals in both digital and analogue format. Asli continues to push the boundaries of artistic expression, creating truly one-of-a-kind pieces that resonate with audiences.