Connect Ever Green

Connect Ever Green

Connect Ever Green

Connect Ever Green consists of two components, a vertical tree constructed of repurposed plastics and a horizontal wooden tree trunk (log) situated close to the plastic tree.

Green lights within the tree give it a green glow, and additional green lights in the branches can be manipulated by tapping the wooden log. The intensity of the lights is triggered by the tapping, and the branch lights activate in sync with the tapping.


  • Jungle Ling
    Jungle Ling

    Jungle is a Canadian artist of Hakka ancestry born in Taiwan and grew up in Niagara Falls, Ontario. In the mid '80's shortly after he had received his Certificate of Qualifications as a Structural Steel Fitter, he decided to enter a career in the counselling services which brought him to Toronto, where he still resides. Art played an important part in his life, especially in the early years. It offered a measure of stability as his family moved often, frequently the odd minority trying to fit in. Although he excelled in the arts since childhood, it was discouraged to have any prominence in his real-life pursuits. It was his role as a counsellor and art program facilitator at a First Nations' recovery lodge that sparked the decision to pursue, and embrace, his own art openly and unapologetically. His murals can be found across southern Ontario and in recent years, Jungle's works have been at The Festival of Trees in Mississauga, The Elora Sculpture Project, the Burlington Waterfront Sculpture Trail, and the Niagara Falls Night of Art.