Crosshatch, created by Toronto artist Jordan Shaw, is an interactive light installation that blends kinetic and participatory elements with experiential lighting techniques. It invites visitors to engage directly with the structure through a unique experience of collaboration and participation.

The artwork features two handles that allow visitors to actively engage with the installation. Visitors can alter the installation’s physical state by pushing and pulling these handles. This interaction simultaneously changes the light, shadows, and patterns projected by the artwork, demonstrating the visitors’ tangible impact on their environment. Through their engagement, visitors can experiment with and influence the light emitted by Crosshatch, gaining insight into how their actions affect both their own perception of space but also that of other viewers.

Crosshatch is designed to encourage cooperative engagement among its audience, prompting visitors to work together. The installation hopes to encourage public experimentation, shared interactions and play, while creating the space to reflect on the interplay between light, technology, human agency, and environmental responsiveness. The artist asks participants to reflect on how our individual and collective actions shape and transform our environment.


  • Jordan Shaw
    Jordan Shaw

    Jordan Shaw is a Toronto based artist and creative who completed his undergraduate studies at Carleton University and Algonquin College, later receiving his MFA from OCAD University's Digital Futures program. His artwork focuses on the nuanced interplay between technology and the natural environment, revealing the often-invisible relationships within our hybrid digital-physical world. His work explores the hidden interactions between people, technology, and the digital systems around us. Through his interactive and immersive experiences, he encourages active exploration and discovery among viewers, aiming to highlight how technology and data subtly yet significantly influence our interactions with natural spaces. Through participation in his work, he invites visitors to reassess technology's role in shaping our environmental perception and relationships. Through his creations, he hopes to foster a deeper understanding and curiosity of our surroundings and the connections between our digital and natural worlds. Jordan has exhibited internationally in Australia, Canada, Germany, Spain, and the United States of America, along with several online exhibitions.