Entangled Luminosity

Entangled Luminosity

Entangled Luminosity

Where are we situated, with whom are we situated and how do we show up as ourselves in these places? How do our connections influence our own sense of individuality? These bonds are as natural and complex as the roots we stand on, connecting us to each other through intangible pathways.

Entangled Luminosity aims to emphasize the connectivity between two bodies and nature by utilizing fibre optic LED lighting and steel wires to create two figures intertwined, much like root networks connecting plant life to one another. The figures are bonded together, sharing in an exchange of light and information, lit up and cascading through an array of colour. Each figure takes on its own shades, creating a dynamic sense of individuality, duality, and intimacy.

This figurative dance, and exchange of light and colour, brings an ever-changing sense of fluidity and growth, embodying an emotional connection between two people and the vulnerability of this affection: emphasizing the importance of connection with the self, others, and the land.


  • Tyler Burey
    Tyler Burey

    Tyler Burey is a multidisciplinary queer Indigenous artist from northern Ontario recently graduated from OCAD University, living, and working in Toronto. His work focuses on themes of queer-indigenous identity, intimacy, the queer body and connecting with his Indigenous culture. Tyler uses his practice in an attempt to make sense of the complexity of queer life as an Indigenous individual, navigating his way through his newly found community. He uses unconventional materials and fabrication techniques to expand his own artistic expression and connect meaning with material. Tyler seeks to connect his art and identity in new and meaningful ways to create meaningful representation for both him and his community,