Golden Hour

Golden Hour

Golden Hour

Golden Hour recreates the golden hour in a light-based sculpture installation. The golden hour is a period of sunrise and sunset when the sun is low above the horizon and sunlight appears golden. The installation consists of clear acrylic panels incised with concentric circles to mimic the pattern of radiating suns. Stationed across from the panels are spotlights that cast an array of golden to deep red hues that continuously fade in and out. The golden horizon has long been connected to enlightenment and the Golden Hour replays the sunrise and sunset on an eternal loop to provide an everlasting sense of renewal.

Visitors to the Golden Hour are encouraged to experience the artwork by sitting on the benches and come between the light and the panels. Since there are three benches many people can experience the artwork simultaneously. The sunrise and sunset are profound cues of renewal in daily life, marking time, rhythm, and continuum. The cycle of day and night is also embedded in the physical. Circadian sleep rhythms are linked to the cyclical appearance and disappearance of light in the health of biological systems in plants and animals. The day/night cycle is a recognized symbol of renewal, signifying not only a beginning but of the cycle itself ad perpetuum. Golden Hour provides an opportunity for people to pause and come between the light, to absorb its warmth and beauty.


  • Tonya Hart
    Tonya Hart

    Tonya Hart is an artist based in Toronto. Her art is inspired by light, energy, and magnetism to form a connection with the natural world. Over the past decade, she has exhibited in Toronto, New York, Venice, and Seoul; and created large-scale, light-based sculpture installations with cities across Canada. Some past commissions include working with Ontario Place, Daniels Corporation, Nuit Blanche and National Capital Commission to create unique sculptures and light-art installations.