Greenhouse Reflect

Greenhouse Reflect

Greenhouse Reflect

Greenhouse Reflect is a freestanding geometric sculpture and shelter with lighting that bridges winter and summer, as well as night and day. The sculpture is clad with two-way mirrors that are both reflective and transparent, depending on the directional source of light. Viewers can observe this effect from multiple vantage points inside and outside the sculpture.

During the day, the exterior of the sculpture will be lit by the sun, mirroring the landscape to create a fragmented reflection of the surrounding environment. When standing inside Greenhouse Reflect, viewers experience a panoramic view through the clear windows.

At night, the effect is reversed as windows become transparent from the outside, revealing warm light and natural texture. Lighting from the interior makes Greenhouse Reflect into a refuge, drawing visitors inside where the experience shifts and the space becomes a kaleidoscopic room of mirrors, making the interior infinite.

Greenhouse Reflect prompts contemplation on the rhythms of the seasons, fostering a deepened appreciation for the cyclicality of the natural (and built) world. Visitors are encouraged to return at different times of day to experience its transformation.


  • Little Dada + the Boys
    Little Dada + the Boys

    Little Dada + the Boys collaborate on interactive installations using creative technologies; think Dadaist art meets Silicon Valley. Little Dada is made up of Lee Wilkins and Hillary Predko and the Boys are Daemon Baliski and Kyle Chisholm.