We all know the wind. We hear its howls, and we see it blow through the leaves and branches in the trees. We feel the warm breeze in the summer and its icy sting in the winter. As it travels the earth, it brings with it the essence of its past locations, and we can imagine that same wind sweeping past our friends and family far away. We envision the wind bringing a part of us to its next destination, connecting us through its global journey.

Lumen:Air is a light and sound installation that presents the strength of the wind as movement through light and sound, not dissimilar to a wind chime. Real time data is gathered from an anemometer (wind speed sensor), the data is used to create light animation, as well as a generative soundscape.

Visitors are invited to immerse themselves in the installation’s light and sound while turning their attention to the natural world surrounding them.


  • Meghan Cheng
    Meghan Cheng

    Meghan Cheng is a new media artist and violinist based in Toronto. She creates audio-visual installations in the form of light sculptures, projection mapping or screen-based work for live performances, galleries, and public spaces. She uses technology to create connections between real world elements such as audio, motion, web information, and the visual and audio elements of her artwork. Cheng makes digital content that feels tangible, relatable, and natural using hand drawn images, photography, acoustic instrumental music, and generative forms. Programs such as TouchDesigner and Unreal Engine are used to integrate real world data with audio-visual content. Cheng has created installations for InterAccess, ArtworxTO, Gallery 345, VectorFest and more. She has also been an artist-in-residence at the Banff Centre for the Arts (2017), ONCulture (2022) and STEPS Create Space (2022). She was honoured with an Ontario Arts Council New Media grant in 2023 and an OAC Chalmer’s Professional Development Grant in 2018. Cheng received her MFA from York University and BMUS from Berklee College of Music.