Luxonus is a multimedia installation that explores the relationship between light, time, and the human experience. The installation uses luminescence and tempo to highlight the role that light plays in how we perceive the world. The human experience is one of time proceeding forward in a linear fashion. This linear perception acts as an obstacle for our own renewal as we are burdened by the past.

Luxonus represents the multitude of interconnections and complexity of our experience. Through the use of thin, oscillating bands of light in perfect synchrony with evocative sounds, the installation’s intricate string sculpture is a conduit for a mesmerizing web of light for audiences to explore. The resulting patterns offer a representation of time as non-linear and governed by our perception. Using cyclical light and dark in its design, Luxonus emphasizes the opportunities for change that this cycle presents. The cycle of light and dark, as shown in the installation as well as every day in nature, gives us the opportunity to let go of the past and embrace new possibilities. Participants will be invited to verbally let go of something from their own past, by speaking into a microphone and triggering a corresponding, unique audiovisual cycle in the installation.


  • Alex Ricci
    Alex Ricci

    Alex Ricci is an audiovisual artist who performs and produces music as Alex Iso. Originating from Guelph, Canada, he now lives in Berlin and frequently presents his work in Germany, Canada and Spain. Since graduating with a Master’s in Music Production, Innovation and Technology from Berklee Valencia, Alex’s focus has been on transfiguring public spaces into immersive abstract environments. Alex is one-half of Canadian audiovisual collective, Static Channel. This duo creates improvised visuals for music performance and activist interactive installations. Static Channel has toured their multimedia performance, participating in notable events such as Nuit Blanche, Hillside Festival, Up Here, Flourish Festival, Wavelength, and Y2K Mexico.

  • Adam Kaleta
    Adam Kaleta

    Adam Kaleta is a multimedia artist based in Toronto, Canada. Drawing from surrealism, minimalism, and contemporary art, he strives to combine lush soundscapes with sleek visuals to create entrancing experiences. In 2022, he started Postmodern Talk Show, an all-encompassing multimedia project that includes audiovisual performances, installations, and musical projects built in Unreal Engine to experience music and visuals in a virtual 3D environment. Adam has worked as a producer, video game sound designer, and as a sound engineer for both live and studio settings. He performed in and recorded for “Where Do I Go?”, a short musical film won Best Film in the Experimental, Dance, & Music Film Festival in 2021.