The Fantastical Book Garden

The Fantastical Book Garden

The Fantastical Book Garden

‘A single passage from a book in this garden could change your life forever…. please enter.’ ‘

In order to read, we must illuminate our books with light, when we discover truth a ‘light’ is shed on us.
The Fantastical Book Garden celebrates the power of light and the written word to positively impact and change lives in a unique and beautiful way. The idea is that books find you when you need them most. Guests are encouraged to walk through the ‘Open Book’ portal to enter the garden and explore the book flowers that call to them.

Within each book flower there is potentially a passage in that book that contains the seed of an idea or inspiration that can grow into something that can better that person’s life and the lives of those around them. The garden itself is ‘books in bloom’ a renewal of ideas and thoughts, representing the transition into a spring of new, fresh beginnings.


  • Courtney Spence
    Courtney Spence

    Courtney Spence is a Toronto based artist & creative facilitator with a passion for reading, art, problem solving and creative play. Her love of reading was nurtured at a young age with countless trips to libraries and bookstores. She believes passionately that a single passage in a book can change the course of one’s life forever and that reading is the gateway into endless possibilities. The Fantastical Book Garden was founded out of this love of books and its mission is to celebrate the joys and benefits of reading through Artistic installations and Mobile Libraries around the world.