The Light Within

The Light Within

The Light Within

“Light at the end of the tunnel” is an age-old known idiom. Light is what we want to see when we are in our darkest moments, giving us hope that things will be okay. It is with this sense of hope, that we have the chance to be renewed. But what if the ‘light at the end of a tunnel’ actually comes from within? The Light Within aims to show that we all have a ‘Light Within’ that, when at its brightest, can-do great things.

The public is invited to stand in front of the exhibit, facing the camera located at the top of the ping-pong wall. The sculpture is like a mirror, it turns the individual into the art piece itself – without the subject, the exhibit is not complete. Once in position, an illuminated version of the individual is projected onto the ping-pong wall.

The act of using the dials and confronting the image projected in front of the user therefore challenges viewers to renew their perception of themselves and to realise the beauty of their inner light. The image of the subject can further be manipulated with a series of dials that can be used to augment the image being projected. One dial can be used to adjust how pixelated the image is, while the second dial can alter the image from black and white to a vibrant colour display. The image being projected will become clearer, more colourful and brighter.

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  • Nathan Fischer
    Nathan Fischer

    Nathan Fischer is a chemical physics student at the University of Waterloo. Through his research both private and personal, he has sought to create more interesting ways to view colour and light. From nanomaterial infused paint in an attempt to achieve more vibrant colours, to ever larger LED arrays to brighten up a space. After a childhood of being terrified of the dark, Nathan hopes to bring some light and colour into his life and the ones of those around him.

  • Diana Tran
    Diana Tran

    Diana Tran is a sculptural artist based in Kitchener with a BA in Fine Arts from the University of Waterloo. Whether it is with using clay, found objects or motorised components, she uses these materials to explore a range of personal themes such as refugee intergenerational trauma, familial memories and self worth. She has found a lot of healing through creating art and hopes that her work encourages the same sort of introspection and reflection to occur in the viewer.

  • Ludwig Wilhelm Wall
    Ludwig Wilhelm Wall

    Ludwig Wilhelm Wall is a German IT-Systems Engineer that researches novel ways of interaction and collaboration between humans and computers to shape the future of sustainable localised manufacture and fabrication. LWW crafts wearable art in many forms and sizes, from rings and pendants to clothing and armour. LWW's expertise at the intersection between human and machine brings design, construction and programming together to achieve renewal.