In THOUGHT, we express the concept of a vessel that carries an idea. A cocoon, incubating the living, breathing energy of our thoughts.
On the exterior, the THOUGHT is made of hundreds of translucent ping pong balls, dyed a multitude of colours. Suspended from the surrounding trees with aircraft cables, it floats in mid-air.
On the inside, a multitude of carefully arrayed points of light emanating movement. The light flickers and on and off at times, actively attracting attention; slowly dimming form light to dark other times, giving the sense of a breath, a life within. The colours range from white to burnt orange, varying in hue but keeping on the warmer, sunset-like side of the spectrum, gifting a warm, ember-like glow on the snowy ground and surrounding trees.
The other half of the installation, is a solitary, long, wood bench directly below the cloud. Here, the audience is invited to sit and reflect.

Here, the THINKER, can reflect, wonder and dream.
Dream, and engage. A sensor on the bench allows the thinker to communicate with the THOUGHT. The lights bursting through cone alive as the interaction takes place. The quickening, intensity and variance of the effect, solely left to the tinker of the THINKER.

What are you thinking?

What inspires you?

What is going on in your mind

…right now?


Collective: oneandoneandone x Reila

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  • oneandoneandone x Reila
    oneandoneandone x Reila
  • Kyung Hyun (Kay) Kim
    Kyung Hyun (Kay) Kim

    Kyung Hyun (Kay) Kim, moved to Canada from Korea in 2003. He has a strong history of innovative work from the creation of high-level concept work, through design to project management. Since completing his studies at OCADU with a degree in Industrial Design, Kay has gained experience in a variety of roles, most recently as the Lead Designer of Future Foods Studio, where he led the concept and execution on a variety of projects, the most recent being the WNDR Museum in Chicago. He is skilled in sharp design thinking, visual delivery software and project implementation. Kay is a keen observer of trends in design, technology and art and the recipient of numerous international design awards. As one of the oneandoneandone founders, Kay's input resonates throughout all of the studio's work.

  • George Foussias
    George Foussias

    George Foussias came to Toronto from Greece in 1985, where he studied Architecture at Ryerson and UofT. He has focused his practice in Interior Design for the past twenty years, with a primarily A-list clientele, and projects in every continent. Recognized with a number of prestigious design awards, George currently serves as the Design Director of an international Architectural firm. Along a proficient understanding of design and construction, he has been very involved in developing branding and marketing strategies for a variety of clients, in the hospitality, commercial, retail, residential and industrial sectors. A strong creative, George has been involved in art and design and built projects for Nuit Blanche, Burning Man, the WNDR Museum and a number of other venues; it was only natural that he would be part of founding oneandoneandone creative studio.

  • Dian Carlo
    Dian Carlo

    Dian Carlo was born in Pasig City, Philippines and moved to Vancouver in 1994. From there, he moved to Toronto where he founded the Toronto-based collective Sodi Designs through which he has been honing his artistic and design skill both in concept and execution /fabrication, placing him among the top of Toronto's specialty project creators. An accomplished artist first and foremost, Dian's sensitivity to design is perfectly matched by his vast experience in building and fabrication. His work has varied in scale from production line light fixtures to commercial and residential work, to City- sponsored large scale installations. Among his larger pieces are productions for such events as Toronto's Nuit Blanche and Burning Man. A natural collaborator, Dian is one of the oneandoneandone creative studio founders, collaborating on a number of projects both for public and private clients and bringing his rare abilities from vision to final product.

  • Reila Park
    Reila Park

    Reila Park is a Korean-Canadian architectural designer who uses technology as a main tool for her designs, taking pride in bringing ideas to reality. She has a BDes in Environmental Design from OCAD University and currently works at FORREC, an entertainment design company that has worked with the world’s biggest influencers in the industry, such as Universal Studios, Chimelong Groups and Dubai Parks & Resort. Reila specializes in 3D modelling, visualization, immersive design and VR in a themed environment.

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