Trail is an array of vectors; line segments forming a pathway of light. Just as the sum is greater than its parts, this sculpture illustrates how community makes an experience more vibrant, impactful, and bright. Motion sensors are placed along the bridge and the lights will respond to your presence. Alone, your movements influence the lighting patterns, but when multiple people engage with the work from different directions, lighting patterns are magnified with more intensity.

Collective action has an exponential effect on the lighting sequence, inviting curiosity, exploration, and teamwork, creating a sense of warmth and fellowship. Visitors are encouraged to engage with one another, as well show individually, leaving an impression that reverberates through the world.


  • M. Joakim
    M. Joakim

    M. Joakim is a light artist and composer working in Toronto. She has extensive experience in lighting and projection design for live theatre, dance performance and concerts. She is a Dora Mavor Moore Award recipient for Scenic Design, and she is actively touring internationally. Her solo work primarily focuses on lighting and sound as waveforms that occupy space, fostering a holistic connection to self, others, and the Earth.