Tree Love

Tree Love

Tree Love

Though it may not seem like I am aware of you, I am. HUG ME, and I will reveal how much you mean to me. Your touch fuels my response—so do not let go right away!

Tree Love is an interactive installation that transforms the invisible connection between humans and nature into a luminous spectacle. Entwined with a living tree, the light display responds to human touch. Embrace the tree and watch as it joyfully illuminates. Light becomes an imaginative emotional response that nature has to a familiar human display of affection, the hug. By merging technology with the organic, the installation transforms a living tree into a canvas of emotions. The play of light becomes a universal language, narrating the intricate story of our interconnectedness with the environment. In this unique fusion, witness the beauty and harmony that unfolds, echoing the delicate balance we must preserve.

To engage with the installation, hug the tree. Keep hugging to see the full illumination of the tree.


  • ZEM

    ZEM is the artistic duo Kristyna Balaban & Adam Široký, who specializes in audio-visual installations and performances. As recent arrivals to Canada, they worked together for over eight years in Prague, Czech Republic, doing work that ranges from architectural video mapping, live audio-visual performances, to large audio-visual and interactive installations. Their work has been exhibited at the New Liben Synagogue in Prague, DEPO2015 cultural space in Plzeň, Rudolfinum Concert Hall in Prague, and numerous music and cultural festivals over the years. They are particularly interested in creating collective experiences through site-specific immersive audio-visual installations and connecting human and natural elements, encouraging viewers to reflect on themselves and their relationship to the non-human world. Coming from an underground scene of electronic music festivals and alternative spaces, they strive to create a playful environment, inviting people from all walks of life to interact with their work. They are also members of the audio-visual collective FotonX based in Prague, Czech Republic.