Tryst is a discreet and intimate encounter with oneself.

Inspired by the ancient Japanese art of Kintsugi; the technique of repairing broken ceramics with gold, this installation encourages individuals to acknowledge and embrace their flaws, fostering a culture of self-acceptance and compassion. The philosophy underlying Kintsugi, celebrates imperfections rather than concealing them, serving as a guiding principle for this installation and serves as a metaphor for the transformative potential of self-acceptance.

Participants engage with Tryst by standing in front of it. As they do, sensors at the base of the installation trigger lights within the mirror, illuminating cracks that have been integrated into the design. These glowing cracks, reminiscent of Kintsugi’s golden seams, represent the transformation of flaws into something beautiful. The installation becomes a metaphor for embracing one’s imperfections, encouraging individuals to see the beauty in their own unique cracks and fractures.


  • Nexus

    Nexus is an artist collective emerging from the Digital Futures Graduate Program at OCAD University. This group comprises four individuals - Kunal Devi, Nikhil Thomas, Abha Patil, Madhu Priya. Each member brings a distinct set of skills and perspectives, rooted in their diverse professional backgrounds including Industrial Design, Engineering, and Architecture. As students of the Digital Futures Program, each member of Nexus is on a journey to explore the convergence of their foundational disciplines with the realm of digital technology. Their collective vision is to create art that not only demonstrates technical skills, but also connects with viewers on an intellectual level, sparking thoughtful conversations. @harmo@exploring_perspective @madhupriyamishra @thomasndesigns