TIFF will be programming from September 9 – 18, 2021. Please visit their website for schedule and tickets.

Drive-In FAQ

01. What time should I arrive?
Doors open 90 minutes before the start of the film.
02. What if it rains?
The film is shown rain or shine. In case of extreme weather conditions, we may close for the night in which case we will add it on our website and social media channels.
03. Are concessions and washrooms available?

Concessions are available for purchase at the Vista Eatery upon arrival.

There are 3 washrooms available:
  1. Behind the screen towards Centre Entrance
  2. Trailer at the back
  3. Next to Vista Eatery (accessible washrooms available)
04. What are your parking policies?
Spots will be issued on a first-come, first-serve basis and are not able to be reserved. We highly suggest you attend in a regular sized vehicle. Large vehicles will be placed in the designated “large vehicle area”. If you wish to park next to another vehicle, please arrive together and we will do our best to find space beside or close to another.  We require that all vehicles park facing forward and guests must remain in their vehicles for the movie presentation.
05. How will I hear the sound of the film?
We will broadcast it directly from your car radio on 89.9 FM.
06. What if I arrive late?
Once the film has started, no further entry will be allowed.
07. Where can I get tickets?
You can buy tickets online on our website. If you need to purchase tickets for additional guests within your vehicle, you can do so at the Box Office upon arrival.
08. Can I buy tickets on-site?
We strongly encourage the purchase of tickets online in advance.
09. My car has daytime running lights. What should I do?
Most daytime running lights go out when you engage the emergency brake. Stop your vehicle, apply the emergency parking brake, then restart your vehicle. Before the movie starts, please do a "test" to make sure it works, to make sure your lights will not disturb others during the movie if you start your car.
10. Will drive-in mode drain my battery? And if so, what should I do?
Leaving your radio on should not drain your battery. We strongly recommend that you do not run your engine for long periods of time during the movie. Loud car engines are annoying your neighbors in the next car. If your battery drains, let one of our staff know. They will be happy to help you. In colder weather, remember to dress warmly and bring blankets.
11. Can I come with my van / my truck / my jeep / my SUV?
Vans, trucks, tall vehicles, jeeps, SUVs and recreational vehicles should be parked in the back row so as not to block the view of the screen. No exceptions
12. What are the COVID-19 security measures?
Your safety and comfort are important to us. All visitors are urged to adhere to the following guidelines, which are in line with current provincial and city reguations, while on our site to prevent the spread of COVID-19:
  • If you are ill or have been in contact with someone ill, please do not enter the Ontario Place grounds.
  • Customers must attend the Drive-In in an enclosed motor vehicle (i.e. not a motorcycle, box of a truck or SUV, or bicycle).
  • Everyone must stay in their vehicles once the movie begins, except when necessary to go to washrooms, or in an emergency. If you are outside your vehicle for the reasons indicated, you must respect the physical separation of at least two meters from other people and wear a mask.
  • Please refrain from moving your car once you have shown to your spot.  Spaces are two metres apart in compliance with the current provincial public health provisions for drive-ins.
  • No material may be exchanged between vehicles.
13. How can I get to the drive-in?
Ontario Place is located at 955 Lake Shore Boulevard West, Toronto ON, M6K 3B9. The drive-in is located on the east island.
14. Can a screening be canceled?
We regularly consult public health guidelines and regulations when organizing programs and activities. If we need to cancel programs or activities to comply with new government guidelines, then we will issue a full refund. We also reserve the right to cancel screenings in the event of inclement weather conditions. Updates and cancellation notices will be posted on our website ( and on social media networks. In the event of a cancellation, you will need to contact our customer service ([email protected] or 416 314-9900) to obtain an exchange or a refund.
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COVID-19 Update

With the park open for use, all visitors are asked to respect the following guidelines when you are on our site to help prevent the spread of COVID-19:

  • If you are sick or if you have been in contact with someone that is sick, please do not enter the Ontario Place grounds.
  • Keep a healthy space of 2 metres between you and other park visitors.
  • Please wear a mask if you are unable to keep a physical distance of 2 metres.
  • Group sizes must follow current Covid outdoor gathering guidelines.
  • Dogs must be on leash and dog owners should be careful to maintain a distance of the recommended 2 metres from other dogs and persons.
  • Use garbage receptacles provided to protect workers and to help keep the park clean.