Site Access

Site Access

As part of the redevelopment of Ontario Place, construction activities have started across the site, and site servicing construction work will begin soon to upgrade critical infrastructure, such as sewage, water, electrical and gas services. This work requires heavy machinery and construction equipment, as well as trained personnel with proper safety gear.

While all efforts are being made to minimize disruptions to public access, our first priority is protecting the health and safety of our visitors and workers. To ensure public safety and in keeping with the redevelopment schedule, the following portions of the site have been closed:

  • Ontario Place marina
  • West Island for large public events (but remains open for passive pedestrian use)
  • Path through the marina that connects the West Island to Trillium Park

At this time, Trillium Park, Budweiser Stage and a portion of East Commons for Live Nation events, and a portion of the parking lots will remain open, in addition to the West Island for passive pedestrian use. The West Island can be accessed through the bridge at the west entrance.

Beginning in 2024, the majority of the site will be closed to allow for active construction, with the exception of Budweiser Stage and a portion of the parking lots, as well as Trillium Park, as long as it remains safe to do so.
Additional closures may be announced as more information becomes available.

Construction Updates

The preparation for the installation of construction fencing has begun along Lakeshore Blvd. to prepare the site for site servicing work. There are no immediate changes to site access.
Work has also begun to safely move the Japanese Canadian Centennial Temple Bell to a storage facility to help ensure it is protected during construction on the site. A temporary fence will be placed around the structure as part of the relocation process. Once the redevelopment project is complete, the Japanese Canadian Centennial Temple Bell will be reinstalled at a new location at the future Ontario Place site.

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