Trillium Park Fire Pit Reservations

Trillium Park Fire Pit Reservations

The Trillium Park fire pit is located in the heart of Trillium Park on the water’s edge with seating on large rocks. The fire pit is approximately a 10–15-minute walk from parking lot 2. Fire Pit reservations are not valid for events, activations and/or commercial use and do not guarantee exclusive use of the site. If you require any of the above, please fill out the Booking Application.

Fee: There is no reservation fee.

How to make your Trillium Park fire pit reservation!

  1. Begin your reservation by CLICKING HERE.
  2. Choose the date and time you wish to reserve.
  3. Complete the reservation form.
  4. Your confirmation email will include your burn reservation, reservation details, directions to Trillium Park and parking information.
  5. Reservations can be rescheduled directly via Eventbrite.


Fire Pit Reservation Rules and Guidelines
All guests are required to follow the rules and guidelines outlined in the reservation confirmation emails.

  • Please note that there may be sound bleed from Budweiser Stage concerts, other events, or visitors in the area.
  • Dogs are permitted in the park but must be on a leash at all times.
  • Use garbage receptacles provided to help keep the park clean.
  • No tents, tables, or structures (additional folding chairs only).
  • Low level music permitted; no sounds system or amplified sound.
  • Alcohol is not permitted at the fire pit.

Fire Pit Reservation Capacity
The maximum number of people permitted per fire pit rental is 25.

Reservation Holders must bring their own wood. Only dry and clean (i.e., not painted or pressure treated) firewood may be burned, foliage or wood products collected from within Ontario Place property.

Sand is provided to extinguish the fire. The bin can be found near the pit.

Food and Beverage
The fire pits are not designed for cooking purposes, however, feel free to roast a few marshmallows! Alcohol is not permitted at the Fire Pit or on Trillium Park grounds.

Inclement Weather
Ontario Place may, at its discretion, cancel a Reservation due to wind, inclement weather, or any other factors.
If the wind is blowing or gusting at or above 25 km/h, a fire cannot be started. If a fire is already in progress, it must be immediately extinguished.

Want to add to your experience?
Our neighbours at Hotel X have put together a Firewood Package and a S’mores Package. Please visit their website  for more information

Please contact our customer service department at 416-314-9900 or send an email to [email protected].