Lumière: The Art of Light in Trillium Park until April 20!

Lumière: The Art of Light in Trillium Park until April 20!

April 2, 2024

Lumière temporarily transforms Trillium Park with a free outdoor light-based art exhibition until April 20. Visitors are invited to experience 17 unique and interactive light installations seven nights a week from sunset to 11:00pm. Utilizing innovation, creativity, light, and discovery, Lumière asked Ontario-based artists and creators to illuminate the park under the theme “Connections”. The theme aims to explore the various ways in which light can create connections between people, the environment, and different aspects of our lives.

Lumière welcomes the following art projects to this year’s exhibition:

WIND: Harmony in Motion by Samuel Kiehoon Lee 
Greenhouse Reflect by Little Dada + the Boys
Trail by M. Joakim
Mochoid by Steve Mann
Geosphere by John Nguyen, Nicholas Hoban, Rahul Sehijpaul
Drawn to the Flame by John Notten
Virtual Visage by Bitbrainz
Canopy (A Long Story IX) by Lauren A. Pirie
Tryst by Nexus
Entangled Luminosity by Tyler Burey
Connect Ever Green by Jungle Ling
Lumen:Air by Meghan Cheng
INFRA by Tonya Hart
Nature’s Glow by Mike Geiger
Chroma Interlace by Asli Alin
Crosshatch by Jordan Shaw
Tree Love by ZEM 

A bonfire will also be hosted at the Trillium Park fire pit every Friday and Saturday from 5:00pm to 10:00pm (weather permitting).

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