The DTK Trio (Mohawk College)

The DTK Trio (Mohawk College)

The DTK Trio is a jazz group consisting of Kevin Mak(Piano), Dan Cunningham(Bass), and Tommy Metcalfe(Drums). Upon request we can add guitars, horns, and/or vocals to fit the occasion. We can supply entertainment ranging from Jazz and Funk to Pop and Rock. The DTK Trio is available for events, functions, and weddings in Southern Ontario, Canada.


  • Daniel Cunningham
    Daniel Cunningham

    Daniel Cunningham was born in Burlington On. Canada on April 2nd 1999. Daniel first got into music in grade 6, at the age of 11 years old, when he played french horn in his music class. This class also lead him into playing Trumpet and Bass. Daniel was first influenced to pick up the bass from his Mother who played bass for their church, St Christopher’s Anglican Church. Daniel eventually ended up playing in place for his Mother when the time was right when he was 14 years old. At this same time Daniel was playing with friends from school and formed a group called 3:1 and performed in the YMCA Battle of The Bands in Burlington in the years 2015 and 2016. Coming 3rd in 2015 led him into winning in 2016. This same group performed at The Sound Of Music Festival on the TD Stage and at Supercrawl on the Mohawk College Stage. As Daniel progressed he started to to expand his knowledge on his instrument and began playing a multitude of different genres ranging from Rock, Indie, RnB, Jazz and Progressive Rock. He has played in various event groups such as opening as a lobby jazz trio band for Mark Kelso and the Jazz Exiles and Dave Young and Gord Sheard’s Brazilian Quintet, playing for banquets and award ceremonies in various types of jazz ensembles and playing as house band for the Hamilton Tiger Cats for their home games playing rock and blues. Daniel has also been found to play in groups such as Stork and The Baby Makers, Pure Bowie, Serious Moonlight and Wooly Mantis. Daniel also teaches privately and attends Mohawk college for Applied Music program as a Bass Major.

  • Tommy-Lee Metcalfe
    Tommy-Lee Metcalfe

    Tommy-Lee Metcalfe was born in Barrie Ontario, March 17, 1991. Born into a musical family; his father was a rock drummer playing in various bands through Tommy’s childhood. Tommy began playing the drums at the age of 11. Living in a separate household to his father, he attained most of his music education on his own. Through listening to a plethora of music and watching live concert dvds, Tommy began to forge a voice on his instrument. At age 18 Tommy moved to Niagara Falls to pursue a job as a crew member maintaining drums, and as a lighting technician at the Avalon Ballroom. There Tommy was exposed to a multitude of different styles of music and different types of players. Tommy has played with/been a member of various local bands such as Stereo Sunrise, The Advancing Low-Lives and Marble Weed as well as Grammy nominated Green Jelly. Tommy can also be found teaching at the Royal Windsor Plus Music school and attends Mohawks applied music program majoring in drums.

  • Kevin Mak
    Kevin Mak

    Kevin Mak is a pianist and composer from Guelph, Ontario. He plays a lot of different kinds of music from Jazz to Salsa to Pop and Funk. He currently plays for various people and projects around Hamilton and the GTA and plays for Guelph based Salsa band ‘Son de la Guayra’.