Site Bookings

Site Bookings

We welcome you to book your next photoshoot or social gathering in Trillium Park.


Trillium Park is available for personal and formal photography. Rules are as follows:

  • Photoshoots are limited to 15 people
  • Vehicles, props, decorations, large equipment and lighting are not permitted.
  • Parking is not included as part of this reservation. For more information on parking at Ontario Place please visit our Parking page.
  • Areas are not exclusive use, multiple bookings may be taking place at any given time, groups will have access to areas on a first come first serve basis. Please note some areas may not be available due to programming.
  • Reservations must be made as per the set timeslots available, so please book more than one timeslot if required.
  • Photography reservations are for personal and formal photography. For commercial photography please contact Janice Davies at 416-399-4376 or by email at  [email protected]

Reserve your photography permit HERE

$300 (2 hours)
*Rate include HST

Site Reservations

We welcome you to celebrate and gather in Trillium Park. Rules are as follows:

  • Balloons, decorations, signage, banners or props and fencing are not permitted.
  • Use of one 10 x 10 tent is permitted; staking of the tent is not permitted. Tent must be supplied by the Reservation Holder.
  • Amplified music, DJ sound system, megaphones or microphones are not permitted.
  • Vehicles are not permitted on site. All vehicles must park in an available parking lot.
  • Alcohol is not permitted.
  • Ticketed events are not permitted.
  • Booking of this reservation does not include any fire pits available at Ontario Place. All fire pits must be reserved separately on our Fire Pit page.
  • Food cooking and preparation is not permitted at Ontario Place including BBQ’s, grills and any other means of cooking/preparing food.
  • The Reservation Holder is responsible for the removal of all waste and recycling at the conclusion of the site reservation.
  • Folding tables and chairs are permitted to be provided by the reservation holder.
  • Please refer to your booking confirmation for terms and conditions of making a site booking.
  • Site reservations do not provide exclusive access to the reservation area, the Reservation Holder is permitted to use the space without exclusivity.
  • Reservations must be made as per the set timeslots available, so please book more than one timeslot if required.
  • Site reservations are for personal and/or community use. Organized events, including weddings must submit a Venue Rental Application.

Book your site reservation HERE

$300 (3 hours)
*Rate include HST